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Perfection vs Good Enough

I am a big believer in the idea and the practice of Self-Care. It's an ongoing process and sometimes a struggle to remember the tools that I have learned and to use them; to not revert to old and familiar habits in times of stress.

One habit that I am still working on is to quiet my inner critic; that voice in my head that always lets me know when I've screwed up. It’s a process to learn how to turn it off and be kinder to myself. To be more authentic and embrace all aspects of myself, the light as well as the perceived dark. Letting go of the notion of being perfect; it simply isn’t attainable, and I for one, am finding it exhausting to keep up the pretense.

When it comes to Self-Care, you will find that you have different needs at different times. You may just need to be who you are, right now, nothing more.

Or you may feel that the time is right to look inward and explore. Inner work is often emotional, time-consuming and can be a messy. When doing inner work, I think that it is important to:

  • Take the time to allow things that are true for you, to settle in and to see how it feels.

  • Releasing old beliefs that are no longer serving you. Bless them and Bless them away.

  • Find simple tools that resonate with you and where you are right now.

  • Go Gently, you really are doing the best you can.

Most days I’m ok with the person that I see in the mirror. I also have other days when my old people-pleasing habits are front and centre. If I haven’t paid attention to my own needs, I can end up feeling exhausted and sometimes resentful; this can be an indication that “my” life is out of balance.

Self-Care is about having compassion for myself and taking baby steps. It’s about the small things that I do for myself each day that can make a difference in how I am feeling. It’s all about being good enough, right now, at this moment.


My Blog is for general information only & is not meant to diagnose or replace medical advice.


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