Personal Inhalers

A simple way to use essential oils, without affecting the people around you. 

Try inhalers for stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMS, congestion, or focus.

Inhalers: $8 each or any 3/$20

When using a Personal Inhaler, slowly inhale, 1 – 2 times in each nostril

Use every 4 hours as needed.

Use caution if you are pregnant, have an irregular heartbeat & for children under 5

unless otherwise stated.

Unwind & Drift Off

The Uplifting Blends

The Just Breathe Blends

Children's Blends

Keep it Simple

Select Passiflora Products are available for locally at     

Reflections Bookstore,1111D Austin Avenue, Coquitlam B.C  

Crystal Parent RA® EOT®
Call or Text:

604-506- 3440

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Select Passiflora Products

are available locally at    

 Reflections Bookstore,

1111D Austin Avenue,

Coquitlam B.C 

11am - 5pm, Tuesday thru Saturday


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