Aromatherapy Consultations

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Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to improve your overall well-being. These highly concentrated, natural, chemical compounds are very versatile, with many different properties.

If you are thinking about having an aromatherapy consultation, consider which areas of your life that you would like to examine. Maybe it’s:

  • releasing stress so you sleep better

  •  Easing any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling 

  • quieting your busy mind & going to that calm place inside of you. 

Together we will explore a variety of essential oils that are appropriate for you and where you are right now on your path.

During your personal consultation, we will discuss your wellness plans and review your medical history. 

* To save consultation time please complete and submit your confidential intake form ahead of time so I am familiar with you, your wellness plans and any concerns that you may have. 

* It is important for me to know if you are pregnant, taking medication, or have any health conditions; this information will allow me to make suggestions about which essential oils would be safe and appropriate to be used in your aromatherapy blends.

Aromatherapy Consultations: 30 min – $35

Until further notice, all consultations will be done online,

by email or over the phone

 Consultations by appointment only. Monday,Tuesday or Friday  

12:00 pm –5 pm

Please contact me to schedule a time that works for you.

Pre-pay in person or by sending an E-transfer payment to

After choosing your essential oils, you will then decide how you would like to use your product by selecting from the product list.

Passiflora Product List

Products are priced separately & prices will vary depending on the essential oils

that are used in the blend.​


For Inhalation

Personal Inhalers: helpful for stress, congestion, anxiety or sleeplessness

  • $8 or 3/$20

For Topical Use

Comfort Blend: made from a variety of essential oils and diluted in a carrier oil. This blend is then

applied topically for different types of pain, stress, sleeplessness.

  • 10ml roller or dropper bottle – $20

  • 30 ml roller or dropper bottle - $35

Massage Oil: a blend of Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba oil and essential oils. Perfect for relaxing,  stress,

or muscular pain. (Massage oils are made at a lower dilution than my comfort blends)

  • 100 ml roller bottle – $28 (Comes with security cap for travel)

Bath Salts: made with Solar Salts, carrier oils & scented with essential oils.

  • 12 oz (340g) resealable pouch – $15+


For the Home

Diffuser Blends: your own personal blend made from a variety of essential oils.

  • 10 ml dropper Bottle- $22+ 

  • 30 ml dropper bottle- $52+

Space-Clearing Room Sprays: made from a variety of essential oils, hydrosols & distilled water.

  • 120 ml Bottle – $20+

*Prices are subject to change.

Your Aromatherapy Consultation with me is not a replacement for a doctors’

or a counselor’s’ advice or diagnoses.

All personal information shared is confidential and will not be shared without your consent unless required by law. Please click here to read Passiflora’s privacy policy.

Pre-pay in person or by sending an E-transfer to

Enhance your Well-Being with the Versatile Properties of Essential Oils.